Excellence du Val-Dieu

Cookies & Personal data

Here you can find all the information relating to the treatment of your personal data.

  1. Cookies

    We use cookies on our website. Cookies are small files deposited on your computer by the websites you visit. They are largely used to enable websites to function or to function more efficiently, and also to provide information to the website owners. The passive information we gather is also used to personalise and improve your experience on our website as well as the offers we may suggest to you. This information also enables us to pre-fill your login details, so as to assist your connection once you have registered on our website as a member of a programme or service. Also, to register your choice of language. The information is gathered and analysed by Google Analytics. You can always delete or block the cookies of this website, but certain areas of the website will not function. Google Analytics is a tool which enables website owners to assess the way users interact with the website content. When a user browses several web pages, Google Analytics provides website owners with tags in JavaScript (libraries) to record the information about the page visited by the user, for example the URL of the page. The Google Analytics JavaScript libraries use HTTP cookies to “remember” what a user has done on the preceding pages / their interactions with the website. Most web browsers allow control of most cookies via the browser parameters. To find out more about cookies, and especially how to see the cookies which have been stored and how to organise them or delete them, go to www.allaboutcookies.org.
  2. Personal data

    Excellence du Val-Dieu takes your rights concerning the processing of your personal data very seriously. In this document, the company sets out the way it gathers, processes and uses your personal data. This document constitutes Excellence du Val-Dieu general policy relating to data processing and protection. Excellence du Val-Dieu, with its headquarters at Herve, Rue de Charneux n°32, is responsible for data processing. Excellence du Val-Dieu undertakes to respect as far as possible the legal and regulatory provisions concerning data protection. Don’t hesitate to contact our department by email (vieprivee@evaldieu.be) for any question relating to this document and the data processing policy. We may ask you to identify yourself for any questions which go beyond a simple information request in order to be certain that we are communicating the information and data requested to the right person.
  3. How and when does Excellence du Val-Dieu process personal data?

    Excellence du Val-Dieu gathers and processes data about you when you communicate them directly when you buy one of our products, when you contact us in any other way or when you work with the company.
  4. What data does Excellence du Val-Dieu gather and process?

    This is the data you provide to us, such as your name, mailing address, email address and professional data (e.g. your company name and VAT number), as well as data relating to your subscription (newsletter), registration or other forms of contact. We gather this data whether you complete our forms on paper or electronically. Cookies are used should you visit our website. For employees, we gather all data relevant to human resource management (national number, address, bank account, name of spouse, health information, etc.).
  5. Why is this done?

    We process the data we have gathered for administrative purposes in terms of subscriptions (newsletter), customer management, personnel management, product or service delivery that you have requested or ordered. The data is also used to promote other products and services such as promotional offers. Your data may be processed in order to communicate with you in the event you become involved as a concerned party in other contexts.
  6. What is the basis of data gathering?

    We gather and process your data on the basis of the contractual relationship we maintain with you in terms of your subscription, order or work. Should processing not be necessary in the fulfilment of the contractual relationship, then it is based on our legitimate business interests, in particular on free enterprise and the freedom of information. We always ensure that there is a balance between our interests and yours by agreeing to a right to object.
  7. Is data communicated to third parties?

    Your data is generally processed internally. We are also sometimes obliged to pass on your data. This is notably the case when we are required to do so by law, or when government agencies request data from us. In this case, we verify that all necessary conditions for this are met. Your data is not transmitted to third countries (outside the European Union), nor to international organisations. If this should however happen, for example in the context of data storage, we shall ensure that the data transfer is to third countries offering an adequate level of protection, that this transfer is supported by appropriate guarantees, or that one of the exceptions provided for in the regulations, such as the fulfilment of the contractual relationship, is applied.
  8. How long is your personal data stored?

    We store your data throughout the contractual relationship (client, supplier, sub-contractor and employee). At the end of this relationship, we continue to store your data during the period of limitation, that is the period that we may be held liable for the fulfilment of this relationship. This is in principle a period of ten years. Nevertheless, this may vary depending on the services or of the type of data gathered. We shall process the data of prospective customers as long as they do not declare they wish to unsubscribe or that their data may not be used for direct marketing purposes.
  9. Your rights

    You may at any time oppose the use of your personal data for marketing purposes. If you do not wish to be kept informed of Excellence du Val-Dieu offers, you can contact our customer service department. You can always consult the personal data about you that we hold, and if necessary, make corrections. To do so, you just need to send a request to our department at the following email address: vieprivee@evaldieu.be. If the data processing is being carried out in our legitimate interests, you may oppose the processing of your personal data. But be aware that your opposition will no longer allow us to provide you with the same service. Moreover, we shall determine if our own interests take precedence. If this is the case, the data processing shall continue. Si le traitement s’opère dans le cadre de nos intérêts légitimes, vous pouvez vous opposer au traitement de vos données personnelles. Sachez toutefois que votre opposition ne nous permettra plus de vous servir de la même manière. De plus, nous vérifierons si nos intérêts propres ne prévalent pas. Si tel est le cas, le traitement sera poursuivi.
  10. Security measures

    Excellence du Val-Dieu complies with all applicable provisions, whether relating to technical or organisational requirements, in order to provide maximum protection for your personal data. In this context, we refer to standards normally applicable within our industry.
  11. Changes

    Excellence du Val-Dieu reserves the right to change this document and/or policy.