The Excellence du Val-Dieu

The Excellence

A local artisanal cheese


The Excellence

The Excellence du Val-Dieu is an exceptional cheese due to the high quality of the milk and the artisanal ripening process at the Abbey.

In order to obtain the high-quality milk, the cows graze in pastures during summer and are fed hay during winter. These healthy and sustainable ancient agricultural methods ensure exceptional milk and exceptional cheese.

The ripening process, under the watchful eye of our master cheese-maker, requires patience. Every week for more than six months, in the Abbey cellars, he rubs the cheeses and turns them over.

About the cheese

The Excellence du Val-Dieu is a hard cheese made with raw organic milk.

It has a smooth and firm texture. Its mild taste with light buttery notes varies depending on the season. The cheese doesn’t have holes, and has a rather pale-yellow colour when winter milk is used, becoming an intense yellow when summer milk is used.

The Excellence cheese has no lactose, as it disappears during the ripening process.

Want to try it?  Production is limited by the size of the cellars and the length of the ripening process, and Excellence du Val-Dieu is available on the e-shop Terre de fromages, at the Abbey shop, Val-Dieu 227, 4880 Aubel and in the best organic shops.

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