Our craftsmanship An artisan’s hands

Our craftsmanship An artisan’s hands


picto The ripening process of the Excellence du Val-Dieu cheeses requires time and patience.

The Excellence du Val-Dieu cheeses are kept in the vaulted cellars of the 800-year-old Val-Dieu Abbey. These cellars are ideal for ripening the cheeses due to their consistent temperature and naturally high levels of humidity.

As the seasons pass, the cheeses age on spruce boards. The master cheese-maker provides the care necessary for the ripening process.

With precise movements and meticulous care, his experienced hands rub the cheeses, which he turns once a week for at least 6 months. This means the cheeses form a natural crust, as well as specific aromas and flavours.

After spending months maturing in the unique atmosphere of the Abbey’s cellars, the cheese-maker decides whether or not the cheese has ripened sufficiently.