Authentically Val-Dieu The Val-Dieu Abbey

Authentically Val-Dieu The Val-Dieu Abbey


picto Steeped in history, the Abbey has managed to preserve its authenticity.

The Val-Dieu Abbey, with its long and rich history, embodies serenity and humility. These values were kept alive for centuries by the Cistercian monks living in this unique location in Belgium.

History of the Abbey

In 1216, Cistercian monks, who had been searching for a deserted and isolated location, settled at Val-Dieu. The valley proved to be the perfect place for the monks who, as followers of the Rule of Saint Benedict, combined prayer and work.

These trailblazers cleared the lands surrounding the Abbey, grew crops which would be used for brewing beer, and raised cows, using their milk to make cheeses, such as the traditional Herve cheese.

Over time, the Abbey developed a range of unique skills. The monks cultivated this tradition for centuries, and it is still found today in the Excellence du Val-Dieu cheeses.

In this serene and humble setting, inside the Val-Dieu Abbey itself, these cheeses are ripened using traditional methods.